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Why should you choose us?

Our strengths and advantages

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12 hours a day

Document & Parcel

With our array of fleet, we are well grounded in delivering parcels and documents to you. GUO Logistics provides reliable and secure dispatch.

Bulk Delivery

New service


We can handle heavy items with our variant heavy duty trucks that are ready to go. No matter the distance or the size, we are capable and willing to move in and get it done

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7 days a week

E-commerce & B2B

We are your business logistics plug. Providing your business with the support you need to grow, ensuring you stay connected to your customers like never before.


12 hours support

Our service is available 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. Trust GUO Logistics when you need an emergency delivery made quickly and in the most dependable manner.

Qucik Delivery

Quick Delivery

we can deliver any legal parcel from tiny legal documents to larger pallets and crates”


Getting in Touch

Whether you’re ready to get going with parcel delivery or make inquiries about our services, we’re always happy to hear from you